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Complete Dishwashing Collection

Complete Dishwashing Collection

$73.95 AUD


Keep your dishes sparkling clean naturally and toxin-free with this selection of our dishwashing essentials.

Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid - An extremely gentle dishwashing liquid concentrate that cuts through tough grease and heavily baked on soils.
Citrus Dishwashing Powder -  A high performance, phosphate-free dishwashing powder that leaves dishes clean, fresh and residue free.
Citrus Dishwashing Rinse Aid - A naturally derived rinse aid concentrate for dishwashing machines. Leave all items sparkling with a streak and spot free finish.
Maxim Machine Descaler - An excellent maintenance product for your dishwashing and laundry machine, kettle and coffee machine.

This pack includes:

1 x Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid, 1Lt

1 x Citrus Dishwashing Powder, 2kg Soft Pack

1 x Citrus Dishwashing Rinse Aid, 500ml

1 x Maxim Descaler, 1Lt

Eco Friendly - Made from Natural and Renewable Materials
No Phosphates, Nitrates, Petrochemicals, Grey Water & Septic Safe
No Animal Testing - No Animal By-Products used.
Suitable for Sensitive Skin - Gentle for the whole family.
  For the Future - For the Environment - For Your Lifestyle

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