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Summer Skin Remedy

Summer Skin Remedy

$45.43 AUD


Look no further. We have the ultimate skin-burn remedy for your face and body. Not only is this great for rehydrating pre & post-sun, but is also exceptional for  dry sensitive skin types. Sometimes your skin just needs a little love!

Soothing Lotion - Infused with the natural essential oils of Chamomile & Lavender to provide a calming and comforting freshness. Perfect for the whole body.
Recovery Gel -  Enriched with Aloe Vera & Chamomile to gently moisturise, hydrate, refresh and soothe the skin. Also, acts as a protective barrier to reduce moisture loss.

Pack Includes:

1 x Soothing Lotion, 250ml

1 x Recovery Gel, 100ml

Eco Friendly - Made from Natural and Renewable Materials
No Phosphates, Nitrates, Petrochemicals, Grey Water & Septic Safe
No Animal Testing - No Animal By-Products used.
Suitable for Sensitive Skin - Gentle for the whole family.
  For the Future - For the Environment - For Your Lifestyle

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